today my aries lies as capricorn

over my tongue all that's stumbling through my head today
hannah arendt, for example, wants to get out
has slept for a long time, just got up
is now waiting in front of closed doors: vita activa
is waiting outside others too wait patiently

outside the door: melancholy
I have been told is also called acedia

on midday

why does sadness make me guilty?

I wonder why

you know you just need to follow the thread
walk it like a labyrinth
all labyrinths are time-twines what was first
is last
you'll come to that


ostensibly it is action
sometime in the future
there was a ban on sadness
and we will have serotonin checkers
in our health apps
with happiness warnings


against melancholy
saint thomas of aquin recommends
to seek joy
to meet true friends
to let the tears run freely
to sleep
and to bathe


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