collection batliner

in albertins trans-siberian trans-body
exhibitionists hang in gray freezers
old visitors go on bare soles
despite centimeter thick spilled
blood, no sign of life
the heat of the pointillists beats
a street in southern france
live love on Mars, say
the 2 nude girls with the black
bobs in blurred reed
riverbanks where one slept
somewhere will be a noon
it’s all over here
why is that ask the
2 girls in nude

when I had lived in a house
over the waterfall
I would have


mulberry mouth

the herb Paris of your voice
in the backest corner of the garden
"are these deadly nightshades or cornelian cherries
behind the consecrated
like once before I pick her and she
rims the mouth shrills a blue
bell in the dream we ride: small-me on the scooter
you on the stepboard jump on
and off
running board reason
my donkey child
you arise in the snow
I screamed in the monkey tree
the wind blew summer out of the fur
the world hit my disheartened



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