the poverty of blackbirds

Learn the poverty of blackbirds

Spit a wet core in a trickle

The roll in nettles

Eat it wet with knives then lamb

With lentils in midlands on pastures.

Measure the salamander by

Bloodletting and the eel in the

Peel like peanut learn proverbs

Like poverty progressing

Unhappiness of the less

Fortunate few







mulberry mouth

the herb Paris of your voice
in the backest corner of the garden
"are these deadly nightshades or cornelian cherries
behind the consecrated
like once before I pick her and she
rims the mouth shrills a blue
bell in the dream we ride: small-me on the scooter
you on the stepboard jump on
and off
running board reason
my donkey child
you arise in the snow
I screamed in the monkey tree
the wind blew summer out of the fur
the world hit my disheartened



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